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        Adhere to the highest quality, adhere to the best service

        We since the inception of adhering to the quality as the foundation of the business philosophy, to create the first brand China electrician,

        20 years of glorious history is to improve the quality of technology, continuous innovation of electrical history.

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        The capacity utilization of the transformer industry is only 50%
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        • The total capacity of the three big power plant boilers is 90 million kilowatts, but the actual production is only 50 million KW, and the capacity utilization rate is only 55.56%. Overcapacity is serious.
          One, basic situation
          In 2012, the output of our electrical industry was slowing down. The output of 22 major products of the key statistics in 1~12 months, of which the growth was only 68%, and the other 32% declined over the same period. The output of power generation equipment, a leading product, was 126 million 832 thousand and 200 kW in 1~12 months, down by 8.9% over the same period of the previous year.
          Transmission and distribution equipment, transformer output of 143132.18 KVA, down 0.36%, high voltage switch board 1 million 619 thousand and 800, an increase of 13.12%, low voltage switch board 33 million 138 thousand and 500, an increase of 4.48%; as the main electrical equipment, AC motor output in 2012 was 256 million 913 thousand and 200 kilowatts, down 3.55%.
          Generally, the international market competition is relatively normal, and the utilization of production capacity is more reasonable than 80%. In 2012, the capacity utilization ratio of thermal power equipment industry, hydropower equipment industry and nuclear power equipment in China was 70%~75%. The utilization rate of photovoltaic capacity is less than 60%, and the utilization rate of wind power capacity is less than 70%. The capacity utilization ratio of the transformer industry is only about 50%.
          The total capacity of the three big power plant boilers is 90 million kilowatts, but the actual production is only 50 million KW, and the capacity utilization rate is only 55.56%. Overcapacity is serious.
          The capacity of China's nuclear power equipment is about 12 sets, but only 3 sets are approved, and the production capacity is badly used. (hope that the government will speed up the examination and approval of nuclear power projects under the premise of guaranteeing safety, solve the overcapacity of nuclear power equipment industry in the near future and prevent the shortage of nuclear power equipment in the future. )
          Because of the excess capacity, the vicious competition in the market is very serious and the cost is large during the period. In addition, because of the unequal status between the production enterprises of electrical equipment and the users, the inventory and accounts receivable of the electrical equipment production enterprises are high. Accounts receivable, inventory and business income ratio are shown in Table 3. The price of power generation equipment goes down one way. Compared with 2008, the price of a million unit boiler has been reduced by 340 million yuan, and the price of the steam turbine of a million unit power station has been reduced by 120 million yuan, and the price of the generator has been reduced by about 20 million yuan per million units.
          The price of wind turbines decreased from 6500 yuan per kilowatt hour in 2008 to 5400 yuan / kW in 2009, and then dropped to 4000 yuan / kwh in 2010. Now, the fan price has decreased to 3750 yuan / kilowatt.
          In recent years, the price of power transmission and transformation equipment has been particularly serious. Most of the products have been sold at the level of close to the cost, and the enterprises have no profit. Under such circumstances, the quality of products has been seriously damaged. Combined with the continuous rise of price level, these enterprises are unable to provide salaries for workers to adapt to the social and economic environment, which makes the team difficult to maintain stability and the problem of large mobility. The frequent flow of personnel not only causes the loss of talent, but may even take away some of the core technology of the original enterprise, causing greater losses to the enterprise.
          Taking 550kV GIS as an example, when domestic enterprises can not produce 550kV GIS, buy foreign products price up to 70 million yuan, and when there is a domestic enterprise co production, the price dropped to 40 million yuan, when there are more companies can own production, the price dropped to about about 10000000 yuan, the price is only about 4 million yuan. And the average price of each interval in 110kV GIS is around 800 thousand yuan in 2006, and the price of each interval in the first batch of national network in 2012 is less than 400 thousand yuan, and the decline is more than 50%. And this is only the product's identification price, if the social price increases factor, the actual price of the product is lower.
          Bidding for electrical industry in two and 2012
          In 2012, more than 300 thousand kilowatts of thermal power units were invited to bid for 64 projects and 130 units with a total capacity of 71 million 750 thousand KW. In 2012, 300 thousand kilowatts and more hydropower projects were invited to bid for 5 projects and 20 units with a total capacity of 7 million KW. The State Energy Bureau recently issued the "12th Five-Year" third batch of wind power plans for approval, with a total of 28 million kilowatts. Since 12th Five-Year, the total volume of wind power approved by the state energy administration has exceeded 80 million KW.
          In the first quarter of 2013, 16 kilowatts of thermal power units were sold for 300 thousand kWh and 31 units, with a total capacity of 18 million 840 thousand kilowatts, which is three times the level of the same period last year. (2012, the 300 thousand KW thermal power unit bidding 6 million 450 thousand KW in the first quarter of 2012).
          The state Power Grid Corp's bidding for power transmission and transformation equipment in 2012 is as follows:
          Transformer products: total capacity total 252603.67MVA, up 8.83% over the same period.
          Switch products: switching devices have generally maintained a year-on-year increase of about 16%. Among them, the combination of electrical appliances increased by 20% over the same period, while the number of isolating switches dropped and the circuit breakers were flat on the same year. The distribution switch cabinet tenders 46965 sets, up 110% over the same period.
          Two equipment protection and monitoring: 10646 sets of conventional station protection, up 9.84% over the same period. 15622 sets of smart station protection, up 460% over the same period.
          701 sets of Conventional Substations were monitored, with a year-on-year decline of 1.54%, and 1049 sets of intelligent substation monitoring systems, an increase of 267% over the same period.
          Three, the main reason for the formation of overcapacity
          The lack of standardized management of disorderly investment; China's continuous development after many years of rapid development of rational regression; the world financial crisis, the international market demand has been greatly reduced.
          Four, the main ways and measures to resolve the overcapacity overcapacity
          1. Developing high-end products, promoting structural adjustment, transformation and upgrading
          In recent years, the problem of overcapacity in electrical industry has been quite prominent. The industry is faced with an urgent situation of structural adjustment, transformation and upgrading. Therefore, to achieve structural adjustment and transformation and upgrading, the electrician industry is the first to bear the brunt of market orientation, and to promote the development of high-end products.

        Since the inception of adhering to the quality as the foundation of this business philosophy

        To create the first brand of Chinese electricians, 20 years of glorious history is the continuous improvement of quality and the continuous innovation of technology in the electrician's struggle history.

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